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To take a thing that is less than good and make it better is a talent that some people possess. They are people who have an eye for what it takes to improve things. Taking old houses that are run down and in bad shape and making them into beautiful homes is an important and rare talent that a few gifted individuals have. Keith Bynum from Bargain Block is one of them. Keith Bynum is a house renovator who takes damaged and derelict houses in the city of Detroit, Michigan, and transforms them into beautiful liveable homes. People want to know more about this talented man who is surely and steadily changing the face of once-prosperous Detroit and making it a wonderful city again. Here are some details from Keith Bynum’s wiki.

What is “Bargain Block?”

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Bargain Block is an American reality TV show on HGTV that features Keith Bynum and his partner Evan Thomas as hosts. They are both renovators and designers who take abandoned and broken down houses in the city of Detroit and turn them into beautiful and stylish homes for people who are mostly first-time buyers. Detroit used to be a great American city thanks to the boom years of the automobile industry but then in the 1990s things changed for the worse. Today Detroit is a shadow of its former self but some conscientious people are trying to revive the city. Keith Bynum is one of them and he has a dream that everybody in Detroit will be the owner of a beautiful home that he has co-designed along with his partner Evan Thomas.

Keith Bynum’s Biography

Keith Bynum was born in Texas, USA, to his parents Jolene and Howard Bynum. Since his date of birth is not known it is difficult to say what Bynum’s age is but he is believed to be in his late 30s. Bynum has a younger sister named Joni Bynum who studied at Texas Tech University and has a daughter named Joli Bynum. Bynum is very close to his sister and simply adores his niece. Bynum also attended Texas Tech University and later took a degree in business administration in 2007. He also has an MBA which he completed in 2013. He worked with his sister for a while and they owned a company called Joni Keith Company in Lubbock.

Keith is in Love

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Keith’s life changed for the better after he met Evan Thomas. Keith and Thomas are both gay and are lovers in real life. Thomas is also a renovator and designer and ever since they met they have been together. According to reports they have been together for some seven years now. Last year Bynum and Thomas celebrated their togetherness anniversary and clocked in six years of their relationship. Bynum and Thomas have a passion for redesigning and renovating homes and to this end, they opened a company called Nine Furniture and Design in Ferndale, Michigan, in 2017.

Keith is Not Married

However, their popularity and career took off after they became the hosts of Bargain Block, a reality TV show on HGTV. People are curious to know about Bynum’s personal life and they are asking the question – Is Keith Bynum married? The answer is No! Keith Bynum is not married. He is gay and in a good relationship with his partner Evan Thomas. They live and work together and are very much attached. They are the hosts for the show Bargain Block and they have become popular for their efforts to turn drab and boring houses into eye-catching homes that buyers simply lap up. Sometimes Bynum and Thomas have bought a house for as cheap as $1,000 and then after redesigning and renovating it they have sold it for a massive amount of $70,000 to $100,000. Talk about making a profit!

Improving Detroit House by House

Bynum and Thomas have a dog named Belle that they are very fond of. They do not have any children and seem content to be with each other. Both of them love and indulge in sports like kayaking, snowboarding, and hiking when they are not busy working. Bargain Block is not the first TV show that Bynum has appeared in as in 2017 he starred in a show called Tiny Paradise. Bynum was living in Denver, Colorado before he and Thomas decided to shift to Detroit, Michigan, in 2017. It’s a move that he has never regretted as his career took an upswing after that. If Detroit is slowly becoming a better place it is due to the hard work, passion, and vision of concerned people like Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas. Bargain Block is just the beginning!

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