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Any TV show works for several reasons like content, production values, themes explored, people on the show, and the purpose of the show. One big thing that the show must get right no matter what is the host of the show. That’s right! If the host of a show is not right and doesn’t have the thunder in him or her the show gets watered down. A good host can elevate the show and make himself or herself one of the prime reasons why viewers tune in to this particular TV show. One such TV show host is John Davis from the TV show MotorWeek and he has become an institution ever since he has been at the helm of affairs. That was almost 40 years ago. So there is a bit of history between the host John Davis and the popular TV show MotorWeek, to put it mildly. John Davis MotorWeek’s association began in 1981 when he created the show and he has built a cult following for his show ever since. So people are curious to know the man behind the face of the exciting show. Here are a few details from John Davis’ wiki.

Who is John Davis?


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Born on March 23, 1944, in the USA, John Davis’ age is 77 years and he is an American TV producer and presenter who currently works for Maryland Public Television which has its offices in Owing Mills, Maryland. He has been working with Maryland Public Television since the early 1970s and he became famous for his work on the long-running show Wall Street Week. He was the producer of the show when the famous Louis Rukeyser was the host. Davis began his academic career by obtaining a BS degree in mechanical aerospace engineering from the North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina, and he graduated in 1970. He then secured an MBA degree from the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Obtaining an MBA degree in 1972 at a time when not many people were doing it and realizing its great career potential was one of the smartest things Davis ever did in his long career full of smart decisions.

A Deep Passion for Cars & Informing Enthusiasts


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John Davis created the TV show MotorWeek which premiered on October 15, 1981, and is still on the must-watch list of millions of viewers. MotorWeek is an American news and information TV program that focuses on automobiles where cars currently available on the market are tested and the viewers are given maintenance tips and previews of cars still to enter the commercial market. Currently, MotorWeek airs on PBS and the Discovery Networks channel MotorTrend. John Davis’ job on MotorWeek is to produce the show, work on its content, and keep coming up with new ideas to make the TV show exciting and interesting to its viewers. People wonder how much money Davis has made over the years and if he is personally interested in cars himself. According to reports John Davis’ net worth is around $5.0 million and his salary is quite substantial.

A Gigantic Asset to the Car Industry

John Davis makes enough money to buy and maintain a fleet of cars that he wants to possess. According to reports Davis owns several high-performance cars such as several vintage Ford Mustangs, a deTomaso Pantera, and several Chevrolet Corvettes. No wonder Davis has such a passion for cars – The man walks the talk always. People are curious to know about John Davis’ family but there is practically no information about John Davis’ wife and kids if any in the public domain and the Internet. Looks like the man has kept his personal life far away from the public eye. Now that Davis is at the far end of his long career he is doing development work for the car industry and is its public face. John Davis had a passion for cars and he made them important and exciting to millions of car enthusiasts in the last four decades. The car industry owes him a lot!

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