Is Lindsay Mendez Pregnant
Photo: Instagram/Lindsay Mendez

People are talking about Lindsay Mendez but this time not about her work. They are speculating about her personal life. They are wondering aloud whether Lindsay Mendez is pregnant or not. They are asking the question – Is Lindsay Mendez pregnant? What is it about celebrity babies that drives everyone into a tizzy? People start behaving as if the expected baby is the most important event to affect planet earth ever since a giant asteroid crashed into the earth and wiped out the dinosaurs more than 65 million years ago! Now they are talking about a potential, probable, and possible pregnancy and going to town about it. But the fact to know is whether this rumor is true or not!

Who is Lindsay Mendez?

lindsay mendez pregnant
Photo: Instagram/Lindsay Mendez

Lindsay Mendez is an American singer and actress who has achieved considerable fame for her fantastic work in American musical theatre. Not only has she rocked Broadway but she has won several prestigious awards for her good work. In 2018 Mendez won the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in the Broadway musical Carousel. She has also played pivotal roles in shows like Wicked and Grease. Her recent fame is due to her role as court stenographer Sara Castillo in the CBS drama series All Rise which has been on air since September 2019.

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No News Anywhere

is lindsay mendez pregnant
Photo: Instagram/Lindsay Mendez

Now there is talk in the entertainment industry that the Latina actress who has smashed quite a few glass ceilings in the industry is going to become a mother. No one is sure when and where these rumors have arisen but they are of recent origin. A quick search on Google has revealed that the media has not been covering this angle though people might be talking about it. The actress herself has not said anything to the media neither has she released any official statement addressing this very personal matter. So if Mendez herself has not said anything and the reliable media outlets have not breathed a word on this rumor then it is safe to assume that this might not be a fact. This rumor could be exactly what people are calling it – a rumor!

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A Possible Baby Daddy?

Some people are wondering that if this rumor is indeed true then who could be Lindsay Mendez’s baby daddy. For a long time, Lindsay Mendez has been dating her boyfriend Philip Wakefield. The couple has reportedly been together since 2014 and is as thick as thieves. If there is indeed a baby in this mix it must be Wakefield’s child as Mendez has not been linked with anybody else for a long time. However, neither has Wakefield said anything about his becoming a father anytime soon! If there is a baby bump out there then Wakefield would be shouting out the news from the rooftops but he too is silent on this matter.

Got to Get Away from These Rumors!

lindsay mendez baby daddy
Photo: Instagram/Lindsay Mendez

When the principals themselves are mum about the possibility of the patter of tiny feet in their home then it is safe to assume that this is just somebody’s wild and vivid imagination. From what information is available in the media it is quite possible that Lindsay Mendez is not pregnant and there is no baby on its way. Or else Lindsay Mendez’s supposed baby is the best-kept secret in the world this side of aliens landing in Area 51! So before everyone spends more time in unnecessary speculation it would be wise to think about this – If Lindsay Mendez was on the way to becoming a mother she would be elated and share the news with others as she has always been outspoken on all her issues. The truth will come out but till then everyone is advised to take this baby rumor with a massive pinch of salt!

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