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Even before the Covid-19 pandemic devastated the free world and changed everything people had warmed up to the new way of receiving entertainment and news. They were sitting at home or in other places and consuming the material online. It was comfortable, convenient, and had the secrecy they wanted. You could watch what you want from the comfort and isolation of your home and have the freedom you had always craved for. Then thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic consuming material online became the new normal. Now many people will continue to do so even after the pandemic recedes and it is safe to go outdoors and be with each other. So streaming services like Hulu and HGTV will continue to be popular. Shows like House Hunters will continue to be seen on these streaming services.

What is “House Hunters?”

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House Hunters is an American unscripted TV series that is currently available on several streaming services and watched by a lot of viewers. In each episode, it follows people who are deciding on buying or renting a new home. It is a reality TV show that shows how tough it is to decide about buying or renting a particular home and what considerations go through in the person’s mind while making this decision. Each episode follows the party and they have three houses that they have to check out before deciding to buy or rent one of them. These people are individuals, couples, and families who have come to America and now have to make this big decision. They take the help of a real estate agent who helps them in scouring these properties and finally deciding which one to take. After a few weeks, the show catches up with these people now living in their new home and covers the changes that they have made and the effect that their new home has had on their lives.

A Long-Running & Popular Show

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The show started on October 7, 1999, and was originally telecast on HGTV and it airs on it. It has completed 199 seasons so far and more than 1,772 episodes have been shown so far making it one of the longest-running reality TV shows on HGTV. It has become so popular that the makers have made several spin-offs of this show and they all have been aired over the years. Some of them are House Hunters International, House Hunters on Vacation, House Hunters Renovation, House Hunters: Million Dollar Homes, House Hunters Family, House Hunters: RV, and House Hunters Off the Grid. Buying or renting a home is the first thing a person does when he or she is relocating to a new place which is why there is so much rich material for the makers of this franchise to capitalize upon.

Will “House Hunters” Continue on Hulu?

House Hunters is also streamed on Hulu. Hulu is an American subscription video-on-demand service owned by The Walt Disney Company. It is a very popular streaming service in America and the fact that House Hunters is on it shows how popular the show has been. Some people are asking – Is House Hunters leaving Hulu? They want to know if House Hunters is leaving Hulu in 2021. So far there is no news of such a development. House Hunters is currently streaming on Hulu and the information is displayed on its website. There is no information right now on the Internet to suggest that House Hunters is leaving Hulu in June 2021. Neither the makers of the TV show nor Hulu has put out any such information in the media as of now even though this might happen later. Hulu keeps dropping off old shows and movies and regularly brings in new ones to keep their service fresh and exciting. So there might be a move to drop House Hunters in the future but right now there is no information about it in the public domain. Till then viewers can enjoy watching House Hunters on both HGTV and Hulu.

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