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Going on a date is one of the most exciting experiences you can have in your life. When the guy or girl is someone you have liked and wanted to spend time with then this is the moment that you have been waiting for. The place where you are going for a date is also very important as it makes the date extraordinary. All these elements came together for Danish model Josephine Skriver recently when she went on a date with her man and shared the experience on social media with her fans, admirers, and well-wishers. Josephine Skriver has modelled for some of the top designers of the world including Calvin Klein, Gucci, Rag & Bone, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, DKNY, and Christian Dior. So when she goes on a date everybody is all ears and eyes!

Going to Disneyland


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Recently Josephine went on a date with her boyfriend to the place that all people want to go to at least once in their lives. The Disney California Adventure Park. The magical place where a fantasy world that you have seen on screen comes alive and becomes a reality. There are castles, moats, streams, boats, fairy tale figures, and rides that give you the best time one can have in life. The things that you have seen in the wonderful Disney world come alive here and you are suspended in a world that is more magic than reality. This is where Josephine went for a date with her boyfriend Bohnes to spend some quality time away from the pressures of their careers and the media.

Who is Josephine’s Boyfriend?


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Bohnes is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and record maker who was the lead singer for a while of the American rock band The Cab. He later pursued a solo career and has released several singles such as “Guns and Roses,” “Middle Finger,” “Witchcraft,” and “Straightjacket.” Bohnes has been dating Josephine since 2013 and he got engaged to her in November 2018. They have been together for a long time and have the ease of relationship that comes only when a couple has spent a lot of quality time with each other. Now they took things to a more fun level by going for a date to Disneyland, California, and having a good time.

She’s Had the Time of her Life!


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Josephine wrote on her Instagram page the caption “Date day at Disneyland with my man @bohnes.” She posted a photo of herself at Disneyland wearing a mask and Mickey Mouse ears with the castle and the moat in the background. She is smiling and thrilled at spending her time with her boyfriend at this place that makes you feel that you are not in the real world anymore. Her fans have responded to this picture and have sent her interesting messages and are happy that Josephine went to this charming and exciting place. There are several ways to have fun with your loved one but it is tough to do better than to go to Disneyland and have the fun time of your life. That’s what Josephine Skriver has done!

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