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The Fourth Kind is a tough watch. Even though this American science fiction psychological thriller film was released in 2009 it is being talked about even today. It’s primarily because of its subject matter that is not just unusual but also very fascinating. Aliens have been a very interesting topic for decades now and alien abductions are one of those things that some people believe in very strongly. The Fourth Kind is about alien abductions and is a very complicated and intense film. It’s not easy to watch but has attracted a cult following ever since it has been released. The central character of the film Dr. Abigail Tyler has caught the interest of the filmgoers and people have been asking questions like – Is Dr. Abigail Tyler real and where is Dr. Abigail Tyler today?

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Is “The Fourth Kind” Fact or Fiction?

Such questions are being asked about because of the nature of the film The Fourth Kind. People wonder if the events shown in the film happened or not. They are asking questions like – Is The Fourth Kind based on a true story and is The Fourth Kind real? We will tell you about this right here though it’s not easy to explain. The Fourth Kind is not a simple and linear film. It is a pseudo-documentary meaning it claims to be a re-enactment of events that happened in the small town of Nome, Alaska, in the USA. The film is a dramatic re-enactment of events that are based on true events that took place in Nome, Alaska. The film claims that the events shown in the film really happened and they were then re-enacted with the help of actors and shown to the audience all within the confines of an actual film.

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Mysterious Events in Nome, Alaska

Dr. Abigail Tyler is a real-life character according to the film and is a person portrayed in the footage by Charlotte Milchard whereas in the re-enactment she is played by the real-life actress Milla Jovovich. The archival footage is of the real events that supposedly really happened while the rest is the re-enactment which is done with the help of actors and actresses. The film claims that alien abductions happened in Nome, Alaska, in October 2000 and they were investigated by Dr. Abigail Tyler. She is a psychologist who interviews persons who have been exposed to alien abductions and are now revealing what happened based on their memories. Some of them have seen strange phenomena and are saying what happened under hypnosis by Dr. Tyler.

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Some of these patients are turning violent even under hypnosis and getting agitated. They have killed others and have been killed themselves. Several people are missing in Nome, Alaska, as well and Dr. Tyler is trying to find out what is happening in this small town that nobody wants to talk about. Dr. Abigail Tyler is herself abducted and affected by aliens and her daughter Ashley goes missing. Dr. Tyler says that Ashley has been taken into the sky but the local police feel she is responsible for the disappearance of her daughter. Later Dr. Tyler suffers a neck injury and is paralyzed and has to be confined to a wheelchair. At the end of the film, Dr. Tyler leaves Alaska and goes to the East Coast where she has to be looked after as she is not ok.

Did Alien Abductions Really Happen?

Dr. Tyler’s health has deteriorated and she needs constant medical care. Her son Ronnie blames her for his sister’s disappearance and Ashley is never found. There are no answers to what happened in Nome, Alaska, in The Fourth Kind. The film claims the events shown in the film are real and Nome, Alaska, aliens exist. The archival footage is supposed to be the true account of what happened even as actors recreate what happened there. The Fourth Kind is a tough watch but fans of alien abductions have given a thumbs up to the film ever since it has been released. The Fourth Kind is a film that science fiction fans have embraced heartily over the years.

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