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The desire to look young and good no matter how advanced one’s age has always been there. To be more attractive for any reason has always been in human beings’ nature. People have different views on this. Some think one must let nature decide and be ourselves. Some think that one must make conscious efforts to look better and attractive. One way is by using the procedures of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a controversial subject as its many opponents feel that it is tampering with nature and going against it. Its supporters feel that it is an advancement in human ability and knowledge and it must be utilized appropriately. If plastic surgery can make a person look and feel better and improve his or her self-esteem and self-confidence then it is worth applying. That’s what the ex-President of the United States Donald Trump must have felt when he went under the knife some years ago. Not that he made him any more popular! Since then people have talked about Donald Trump’s plastic surgery and the Donald Trump before-after look many times.

Definitely Smoke from a Possible Fire!

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Donald Trump has not talked about any plastic surgery he might have had in his life. So there is a lot of speculation about this and it has been in the public domain for a while. His first wife Ivana Trump has mentioned it in the early 1990s when he was still married to her. In 1990 when Ivana was speaking under oath during her divorce deposition she said that her then-husband Donald Trump underwent a scalp reduction surgery in 1989. This procedure is known as “alopecia reduction” and it is done to correct balding. In this process, the surgeons cut the bald spot out and sew the remaining skin back together. The problem is that this tightened scalp can cause headaches and swelling. Ivana said that after the surgery Trump was in a state of pain and displeasure and often went into fits of rage. While Trump has always discouraged any talk about any possible plastic surgery this episode of Ivana shows that there is some truth in this matter. After all, Ivana was speaking under oath. There have also been reports of a Donald Trump facelift that took place several years ago but the details are unclear.

A Healthier & Slimmer Body

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Many people are wondering how Donald Trump is right now after the fact that he has left the presidential office several months ago. They are wondering how does Trump look now as he does not have the responsibility of running the USA. They are thinking specifically about the reported Donald Trump weight loss. There are reports that Trump has lost some of the extra weight he lugged around for the longest time till a few months ago. A Trump advisor who recently met Trump has said “He has lost 15 pounds since he left the White House.” This is mainly because Trump has been playing golf in Florida almost daily and following this practice with strict regimentation. He is also following better eating habits and all this has helped him in his weight reduction. People who have met Trump recently are saying that he looking happier, healthier, and some are even describing him as looking svelte. This is thanks to the fact that Trump has largely walked away from his previous food habits when he regularly consumed Big Macs, meatloaves, and stuff from KFC.

Will the New Look Donald Trump Rise Again?

Earlier Trump had a view that exercising depleted the amount of energy in the human body and that energy is finite. This was one of the many unorthodox views that Trump has had on exercising and body health care. After leaving the White House he has been listening to others and has changed his views a bit. Now he does do a bit of exercise and this is reflecting the new post-Donald Trump weight loss personality. This new and slimmer look is evident from the new pics of Trump that are now available in the public domain. Many people think that plastic surgery is a women’s thing. Not anymore. Now many men and they are going in droves are having plastic surgery done so that they can look the way they have always dreamed of. So the knife and scalpel used in plastic surgery are going to be around for a long while in the future. If people like a slimmer and healthier Donald Trump maybe it will an asset in his possible 2024 presidential bid for the White House again. That’s what many people are talking about – Donald Trump may run for office again. Now, this is something that should keep all Americans awake at night thinking about it!

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