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Raven-Symone came to California at a young age to become an actress and succeeded. She came from Atlanta, Georgia, to Los Angeles, California, and started acting in TV series and films from a young age. She got a break early on The Cosby Show and later acted in several TV series and films like Alex Haley’s Queen, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, That’s So Raven, State of Georgia, Black-ish, 25 Words or Less, The Little Rascals, Dr. Dolittle, Dr. Dolittle 2, and Mighty Oak. Raven-Symone is also an established pop singer and has four studio albums to her credit and several of her singles have proven to be big hits. There is no doubt that Raven-Symone has the acting and singing talent which has made her a big star in Hollywood. She is still in showbiz acting, hosting, and producing, and contributing to the entertainment world she has become a big part of. There has been a lot of attention focused on Raven-Symone’s personal life of late and people are asking questions like – Is Raven-Symone pregnant and does Raven-Symone have kids?

Strong Opinions About Sexuality

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What many people don’t know is that Raven-Symone has alternative sexuality and she has been quite outspoken about it over the years. The matter came to light many years earlier in 2013 when she was relatively young and the media was taking an interest in her personal life. At that time Raven-Symone supported same-sex marriage and said that she was excited that several states in America including California were supporting same-sex marriages and giving it a legal sanction. She praised such states that were legalizing same-sex marriages and commended them for being liberal. Around that time she spoke about her sexuality and said that she did not want to be termed African-American or gay. She wanted to be known as an American and as a person who loved other people. It was obvious to all that Raven-Symone had alternative sexuality. With her opinions, she won the support of the sizeable and powerful LGBTQ community in America.

She Married a Healthy Woman

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In June 2020 she legalized her marriage with her partner Miranda Maday. It was an inter-racial marriage as Raven-Symone is African-American and Miranda Maday was white. Miranda Maday was working as a social media manager at that time. So Miranda became the “wife” of “husband” Raven-Symone and their chemistry was there for all to see. The couple were quite open about their feelings for each other and made their affections clear on their social media accounts especially Instagram. People ask about the existence of Raven-Symone’s children. According to reports, no children are belonging to Raven-Symone. There has been no report in any media outlet regarding any kids that Raven-Symone might have. The fact that both Raven-Symone and Miranda are women makes it impossible for them to have children. If Raven-Symone has any children by any other means this fact has simply not been documented anywhere. So for all practical purposes, Raven-Symone does not have any children or kids as of now. Neither has she ever spoken about it.

There Has Not Been Any News of Any Children

Most probably Raven-Symone and Miranda are still together though their relationship is a bit low-key these days. Raven-Symone is acting, being a host of the TV show The View, and also taking an interest in American politics. In the 2016 election, she supported the Libertarian party candidate Gary Johnson showing that she was still an extreme liberal in her socio-political views. So the news for people who are interested in her maternal status is that Raven-Symone is not pregnant. Neither does she have any kids that anybody is aware of. She is working in her chosen field of entertainment and keeping a relatively low profile. Times are hard for celebrities these days thanks to the low down in the entertainment industry, the long-running recession, and the global Covid-19 pandemic. It is taking all they have for celebrities to keep their heads afloat. Raven-Symone is one of them.

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