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When actors and actresses have common surnames and they work in Hollywood even if in different eras people often wonder if they are related to each other. Especially since many times actors are from the same family or are related to each other and they have become stars in Hollywood. It’s a common phenomenon in Hollywood where having a family member already in the entertainment industry does make it a bit easier for the subsequent family members to try to make a career for themselves as well. Actress Diane Ladd is one of the more famous stars to have graced Hollywood and her movies have been seen and appreciated by many. Some of her family members are also actors in Hollywood so people often talk about it. Of late some people have the query – Is Diane Ladd related to Alan Ladd? Their common surname is the main reason why some people are wondering if the two Hollywood stars are related. Diane Ladd is in the news currently for her role in the Hallmark Channel TV series Chesapeake Shores and that’s why people are remembering this very talented actress even now.

Who is Diane Ladd?


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Born on November 29, 1935, in Laurel, Mississippi, USA, Diane Ladd is an American actress, film director, producer, and author who has been working in the entertainment industry since 1957. Some of her acclaimed films are Chinatown, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Black Widow, Wild at Heart, A Kiss Before Dying, Rambling Rose, Ghosts of Mississippi, Primary Colours, and American Cowslip. She has also appeared in episodes of many TV series over the years starting from 1957 and is still working today. Diane Ladd’s Chesapeake Shores TV series is a show that has become very popular among viewers ever since it premiered on the Hallmark Channel on August 14, 2016. Chesapeake Shores is a drama TV series based on a series of novels of the same name written by Sherryl Woods and its season 5 will conclude on October 17, 2021. Diane Ladd plays the important role of Nell O’Brien who is the matriarch of the O’Brien family who is a big family but many of their members are estranged from each other. Diane Ladd plays the matriarch who takes care of the younger children in the family because their parents are busy at work and not at home most of the time.

The Big Star from the 1940s

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So is Diane Ladd related to Alan Ladd? The question that most people would ask is – Who is Alan Ladd? Alan Ladd was an American actor, and film and TV producer who was very successful in the 1940s and early 1950s in Hollywood with his films especially in the Western genre. He appeared in several nourish films such as This Gun for Hire, The Glass Key, and The Blue Dahlia and also in popular films such as Two Years Before the Mast, Whispering Smith, The Great Gatsby, and The Carpetbaggers. His most famous film is Shane, the iconic movie in which he plays a man with a mysterious past who lays his life on the line to protect a poor but honest family who is being threatened by a powerful cattle rancher. His relationship with the young son of this family who hero-worships him is touching and the last scene where Ladd realizes that he can never have a family life like others and he walks away brings tears in people’s eyes every time they see this classic movie.

Both Come from Different Parts of America


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Diane Ladd is not related to Alan Ladd in any way. Diane Ladd was born Rose Diane Ladner to her parents Mary Bernadette and Preston Paul Ladner in Laurel, Mississippi, and lived during her childhood in Meridian, Mississippi. Alan Ladd was born to his parents Ina Raleigh and Alan Ladd Sr. in Hot Springs, Arkansas, on September 3, 1913, and spent his childhood years in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California. Diane Ladd and Alan Ladd are not related in any way and their paths never crossed while they were growing up. The fact that they both used the surname Ladd and became big stars in Hollywood is just a coincidence.

Similar Surnames of Film Stars Often Confuse Fans!


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People often ask about Diane Ladd and Cheryl Ladd and wonder if they are related. They are not related. Cheryl Ladd is an American actress, singer, and author who is most famous for playing the role of Kris Munroe in the iconic ABC TV series Charlie’s Angels. She has had a semi-successful film career over the years appearing in movies such as Purple Hearts, Millennium, Poison Ivy, and Unforgettable. Her maiden name is Cheryl Jean Stoppelmoor and she took the surname Ladd when she married fellow actor David Ladd in 1973. David Ladd is the son of actor Alan Ladd and even though Cheryl got divorced from David Ladd in 1980 she kept Ladd as her surname. Diane Ladd’s real surname is Ladner but she shortened it to Ladd when she entered the entertainment industry to make it easier for people to use. So Diane Ladd and Cheryl Ladd are not related at all but just happen to have the same surname Ladd due to different reasons. Film stars having the same surnames is often very confusing for people who follow them but often these stars are just not related and are from different families. Just like Diane Ladd, Alan Ladd, and Cheryl Ladd!

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