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Competition is a way of life whether it’s a case of social media platforms or the people who support it. Several social media platforms have been clashing with each other over the years and none more bitterly than YouTube and TikTok. Their competition has fascinated people and if there wasn’t a law against bloodshed there would surely have been some bad events. Still, they want to compete and so they have found a way to do so – in the boxing ring! That’s right! They have decided to use the medium of boxing to compete with each other and the Battle of the Platforms was announced some time back which will be the official event where this rivalry will take place. Now you will be witness to YouTube vs. TikTok boxing.

A Fight to Decide the Winner

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The TikTok vs. YouTube fights will take place in the coming weeks and individual platform supporters will fight each other in the boxing ring to assert their superiority. Several matchups have been announced and they are all exciting and these platform users and supporters will be lining up to watch these boxing matches in the coming weeks. One fight that is already drawing a lot of attention and people are eager to see how it will go is the DDG vs. Nate Wyatt fight. This DDG vs. Nate Wyatt will be very representative of the overall YouTubers vs. TikTokers fight which is the main rivalry. The Battle of the Platforms will now take place on Saturday, June 12, 2021, and people will have to pay to see these fights. The night’s outcome will decide who will be the overall winner in this fight between the platforms – YouTube or TikTok.

The World Still Loves a Boxing Contest

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The whole social media world is excited by this event and is eagerly waiting for the night when this matter will be addressed in a primitive way that may anger the critics but is still loved by the average man. Boxing is considered inhuman by many but the majority still revere it as the good old-fashioned way of settling an argument or a fight. The fight between YouTube and TikTok as to which is a better platform has been going on for a while and now it will be decided on June 12, 2021. At least for some people and for the time being. Who is DDG boxing? DDG is boxing against Nate Wyatt and people are curious to know more about both of them.

Who is DDG?


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DDG is a rapper and a YouTube star whose real name is Darryl Grandberry. Originally from Pontiac, Michigan, he became famous after starting a YouTube channel in 2014 while he was still studying at Central Michigan University. After becoming a YouTube star he realized that he had a passion for music and he made the transition to becoming a singer and a rapper. Most people don’t know that DDG always had an affinity for boxing. He got interested in it at the age of nine but stopped pursuing it at 13 years. However, when he got a chance to indulge in it again at the Battle of the Platforms he was more than eager to take up the opportunity. He has been talking to the media and is quite confident that he will knock out Nate Wyatt on June 12, 2021.

Who is Nate Wyatt?


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Nate Wyatt is an actor and musician who has become famous for the content he has been regularly uploading on TikTok. He has also acted in the Brat series Turnt since 2018. He began his career with Vine and had over 100,000 followers before the platform was discontinued. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, he now lives in Los Angeles, California, and has used songs by Jason Derulo, Drake, and Lil Wayne for his TikTok videos. He will be facing up to DDG on June 12, 2021, and will be representing the TikTokers. The DDG vs. Nate Wyatt fight will be one hell of a contest and will be one more showdown in the larger YouTube vs. TikTok fight that will probably not end shortly.

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