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Ironically, a man who has made a career out of advising other people on relationships especially failed, cheating, and self-love would himself be caught having an extra-marital affair. Doesn’t do a lot for his credibility as well! That’s exactly what has happened to popular relationship guru Derrick Jaxn who is a fixture on YouTube after a woman named Candice De Medeiros revealed that she has been having an affair with Jaxn for several years now. The moment this scandalous news item came out people have been scrambling to find out what Jaxn’s wife Da’Naia Jaxn has to say about this. After all, when a man cheats in his marriage the person most hurt and affected by this is his wife.

Who is Da’Naia Jaxn?

Da’Naia Jaxn is the wife of renowned relationship guru, author, YouTuber, and entrepreneur 31-year old Derrick Jaxn who has been by his side all these years and is a big reason for his professional success. Although the two got married in 2018 they have been involved since a few years before that. So much so that they had a baby daughter in 2016 much before their subsequent engagement. They dated for several years before taking the marriage vows in January 2018. Though Jaxn proposed to Da’Naia in 2016 itself she took almost two years to say yes and when that happened Jaxn was over the moon with happiness.

Cheating Rumours Spread Quickly

Da’Naia is from Colorado and her family members are devout Christians. Da’Naia herself is a staunch Christian and a look at her social media accounts will confirm this as she often posts her views and feelings on the Christian faith. After Derrick Jaxn was caught people have been wondering about Derrick Jaxn’s wife and how she has taken this shocking news about her husband’s infidelity. After Derrick Jaxn cheating rumours started circulating Jaxn immediately got in the damage control mode. He spoke to the media and spoke about this shocking episode in his otherwise smooth life.

Frantic Damage Control


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People are curious to know more about the marriage rumblings in the Derrick Jaxn family and Jaxn sat with Da’Naia and addressed the rumours. In a 7-minute video released on his Instagram account, Jaxn and Da’Naia together faced the public and his fans and spoke about what happened. Jaxn admitted that he and Da’Naia were not together during the time he had an affair with Candice De Medeiros and he did cheat on his wife. The caption of his Instagram video was “Did I Cheat In My Marriage? #TheTruth.” That’s a pretty direct way to address an issue!

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Standing by her Man!

What did Da’Naia have to say about this deeply personal and embarrassing incident and revelation? Surprisingly she has stood by Jaxn’s side and decided to support him during this difficult time. She sat by his side in the video and said “I did not come back until I saw a shift in his personality or how he presented himself during conversations. This is something we never had in 12 years of knowing each other. There is nothing I don’t know about and we have moved forward from it. He continues to seek guidance and that is what I need to stay in the marriage. Today, I am at peace and probably stand by his side. I have no hesitation, hate, or shame.”

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It’s a Deeply Personal Matter

While some people might be upset that Da’Naia has decided to give her husband another chance the fact remains that it is not easy to have a successful marriage. Even the most sensitive of people have problems in their marital life but there is room in life to make mistakes, learn from them, and move on. This is probably what Da’Naia and Jaxn will be doing now. It is not easy for Da’Naia to accept that there was another woman in her husband’s life but to forgive but never forget seems is the course she has decided to take. At the end of the day, this is a private matter between her and her husband Derrick Jaxn!

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