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TV is a great medium as it allows many talented actors and actresses to showcase their abilities, earn a living, and contribute towards the cultural capital of the country. Many gifted actresses have worked in the TV industry over the years and gone on to achieve great milestones in their careers. One such actress is Countess Vaughn who appeared in popular sitcoms such as Moesha and The Parkers and became a favourite of the viewers. Then she dropped out of sight and was not seen for a long time. Her fans have remembered her over the years and have been asking questions like – What happened to Countess Vaughn? and Where is Countess Vaughn now? We will tell you where Countess Vaughn is today.

Who is Countess Vaughn?

Born on August 8, 1978, in Idabel, Oklahoma, Countess Vaughn is an American singer, actress, and television personality who began her performing career at the young age of three years. She started singing in church and later won several national singing competitions which gave her career a big push. She played the part of Alexandria DeWitt in the series 227 in 1988 but later left due to a problem with another cast member. She then played supporting roles in series such as Thea, Roc, and Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper while at the same time starting her singing career. She worked in Broadway musicals and in 1992 released her first music album titled Countess.

Hitting the Popularity Charts

Her breakthrough came when she bagged the role of Kim Parker in the sitcom Moesha and acted from 1996 to 1999. She won several awards for her comedic role in the series and then acted in its spinoff The Parkers from 1999 to 2004. Her personal life was also active during this time and on January 16, 2002, Vaughn married Joseph James. They had a son before divorcing in 2005 and later in 2009 Vaughn had a daughter with ex-fiancé David Whitten. Vaughn’s career dropped off the radar a bit though she did appear on TV shows especially reality shows in the 2000s. She came on shows like Celebrity Fit Club, Celebrity Rap Superstar, and Hollywood Divas but it was clear that her career had stalled.

Countess Vaughn Now


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While Vaughn is not doing much work now she is active on her social media accounts. Recently she posted her picture on Instagram and people were pleasantly surprised to see her look fit and healthy. Many people commented that she was looking younger than her years and also beautiful. In her post, she encouraged women especially black women to help and support each other. She wrote “I am a WOMAN, more importantly, a BLACK WOMAN… I build…I don’t tear down other BLACK WOMEN!” She said that though she has often been hurt and put down by other women she had decided that she would never do the same thing. She told her fans to help other women instead of criticizing them as it usually happens.

Older & Wiser


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Though Vaughn had several feuds with fellow performers like Brandy Norwood during her active years now she is a peaceful person. Experience has taught Vaughn to focus on the good things and not be agitated by the negatives. She is now a mature person who has compassion for others and now wants to help other women and people. Countess Vaughn is in a good place today!

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