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When a woman is greeted by the man in her life holding a bunch of roses then life is good for her. When the woman is greeted by the man brandishing a gun it often makes front-page news. That’s what has happened to Alexandra Datig, an actress who was in a relationship with a politician named Larry Elder. Even though this dangerous situation occurred several years ago its ramifications are being felt even now especially by the actress. For a while now people are talking about Alexandra Datig and Larry Elder and asking what happened between the power couple who seemed to be having a fruitful relationship. They want to know more about both of them and also the other people in their lives like Larry Elder’s wife. Datig complained about this alleged incident to the police in 2015 and since then the couple’s relationship has taken a free fall. People are curious to know about Alexandra Datig’s biography. Here are a few details from Alexandra Datig’s wiki.

Who is Alexandra Datig?


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Born on December 5, 1969, in Lucerne, Switzerland, Alexandra Datig is an actress, media personality, journalist, Internet face, and social activist. Alexandra Datig’s age is 51 years and she has been a resident of the USA for many years now. She currently stays in Los Angeles, California, and is college-educated. She holds a graduation degree in communications and criminal justice and while in college participated in several plays as she was interested in an acting career. Not surprisingly as her father Fred A. Datig Jr. was an actor and acted in several American films starting in the 1940s. Datig has two siblings named Fred Datig and Nicolai Datig. Datig had a minor career as an actress and acted in films like Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult, Tucker Carlson Tonight, and Marijuana: A Chronic History. Then she switched to journalism and started her career with the pen, paper, and a bunch of questions on issues that needed to be talked about. Since then she has worked for several TV channels such as NBC, Newsmax, C-SPAN, ABC, Fox News, CNN, OAN, and others. She is now working for the Front Page Index news channel where she provides political views to her viewers.

Meeting an Interesting Man at a Party!


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Datig is quite well off as she has had a career in films and later journalism. According to reports Alexandra Datig’s net worth is around $4.0-5.0 million and growing as she earns a healthy amount every year from her assignments. Datig’s passions include helping poor and needy children and horse riding. She regularly attends functions where she is one of the main guests and she has been a judge on a couple of reality shows in the past decade. Datig’s personal life came into the limelight when she got engaged to Larry Elder in 2013 after a long relationship that started shortly after they met for the first time at the Playboy Mansion at a party. Larry Elder is a famous American politician and also a radio host who joined the Republican Party recently. He is an American talk radio host who is a conservative, author, and attorney who hosts The Larry Elder Show.

Relationship Went Downhill Pretty Fast!


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He is controversial in his views and opinions and has described Donald Trump as “almost God-sent” and called his presidency a “miracle.” Sometime after Elder’s engagement to Datig their relationship went bad and in 2015 he reportedly threatened Datig with a gun. Datig reported this alleged incident after six years and this is why both of them are in the limelight now. Datig has alleged that Elder told her to show her devotion to him by getting a tattoo on herself that read “Larry’s Girl.” Datig has also accused Elder of abuse and getting violent during arguments. Now Larry Elder is in the news and many of his quite shocking political views on many issues affecting ordinary American lives are being talked about. It’s very upsetting for Alexandra Datig that the man who she thought would settle down with her and have a good relationship is now being looked at as a very violent man. Little did Datig know that the man she met at the Playboy Mansion would later be all problem and no play!

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