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Anybody who has ever taken an interest in pop music knows the sheer power of Abba’s songs and their enduring influence on future generations that is getting stronger even today. Reams of paper and then digital media have been utilized to describe the achievements and the magic of this four-member pop band from Sweden who are one of the biggest bands of all time. Their songs and their iconic imagery have taught the world how sheer talent and hard work can make a person almost immortal. The music of Abba will never die. Now to ensure that this never happens the band Abba is planning to release their first new album in 40 years. That’s right! The four original members of Abba have reunited and they will release a new album of original new songs later this year. This new album from Abba is titled Voyage and will be their first album to hit the market after their last one The Visitors was released in 1981. If anyone thinks that fans, music lovers, and critics are excited at this then this is the understatement of the year. The Abba new album 2021 Voyage is making everybody agog with excitement.

The Ever Popular Agnetha

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When there is talk about a new album from Abba then there is talk about the band members. There is one band member who always was talked about more than the others and that is the singer Agnetha Faltskog. Though fans were always divided over who they liked more when it came to Agnetha Faltskog and Anni-Frid “Frida”Lyngstad many were floored by the charismatic Agnetha. She had a magic that was obvious even when she was walking in her sleep. The way her blonde tresses fell, her tall and attractive frame, that sophistication that came from being cultured, and the sheer magic of her voice made Agnetha Faltskog the centre of attraction every time. After the band broke up in 1981 everybody wondered what Agnetha would do. She continued to work on music and released several solo albums like Wrap Your Arms Around Me, Eyes of a Woman, I Stand Alone, and My Colouring Book. In the 1990s she became a bit of a recluse and did not put out any more albums.

An Eventful & Productive Life

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Then she released an album titled A in 2013 but most of the time from 1981 onwards she dedicated herself to her passions like astrology, yoga, and horse riding. She had a lot of money thanks to the monster success of Abba and the royalties that kept pouring in over the years so she didn’t have any financial pressure on her. In 1990 Faltskog got married to a Swedish surgeon named Tomas Tonnenfeld but after some years they got divorced in 1993. In the mid-1990s Faltskog’s mother and father both died and this only aggravated her depression. She struggled with her depression for almost a decade more and it got better only with a lot of medical attention and therapy. She also wrote her autobiography that sold around 50,000 copies worldwide. People who are curious about Agnetha Faltskog’s then and now status should know that she currently lives in Ekero, Stockholm County, along with her son Christian Ulvaeus, his life partner, and their daughter. Faltskog has a daughter named Linda who also lives in Ekero along with her family. Faltskog has four grandchildren and they never have to worry about money for the rest of their lives.

The Abba Magic Will Mesmerize Everyone Again


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Now the world will get a new Abba album after 40 years titled Voyage and it will be released on November 5, 2021, and some tracks have already been released to build up the excitement and for marketing the album. Two singles “I Still Have Faith in You” and “Don’t Shut Me Down” have been released and the excitement is building to a fever pitch. The Abba tour will start with a new concert experience in London, England, in May 2022 where digital versions of the four original band members will appear nightly. They will be accompanied by a 10-piece live band and the venue will be a 3,000-capacity arena in London’s Olympic Park and it will be named the Abba Arena. The tickets for the Abba tour will go on sale on September 7, 2021. So come November the Abba music and magic will flood the world again. The dancing queen will dance again, the world will once again say thank you for the music, and the fans will listen to the band’s new SOS. With Voyage the voyage which first began in 1973 will resume once again and the whole world will be listening and watching!

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