Belinda Carlisle

Right from her debut solo album, Belinda released in 1986 to her latest album Wilder Shores released in 2017 singer Belinda Carlisle has always been among the most talented, passionate, intelligent, honest, and feminine artists of the modern music era. The girl who lit up millions of hearts as the chubby and lovable lead singer of the fantastically talented and successful all-girl group The Go-Go’s later grew up and matured to become a beautiful and sensual woman. Those who saw the now mature Belinda Carlisle from the mid-1980s onwards couldn’t believe that the immature girl from the band of fun-loving girls The Go-Go’s had undergone such a complete transformation. When they heard her solo songs they knew that her talent and singing abilities had increased massively over the years. Belinda Carlisle left behind the tomboy songs that made her a darling of the girls and boys who loved her and was now singing power-pop songs that made listeners understand the heart and soul of a knowing woman who feels the love from deep inside. Melodious songs with meaningful lyrics set to exquisite music arrangements became the hallmark of Belinda Carlisle who quickly cemented her place as one of the most successful and iconic female singers of the 1980s and 1990s.

Always the Cynosure of All Eyes!

All through 1986 and early 1987, Belinda worked on her follow-up album to Belinda knowing that the whole music industry was watching her how she builds on the success of her debut solo album. She worked with some of the most gifted and experienced session musicians and songwriters to craft an album that would further explore the themes of love, emotions, romance, psychological impulses, and lust that colour everybody’s relationships with women they get involved with. Her earlier hits like “Mad About You,” “I Need a Disguise,” and “Shot in the Dark” had already proved that she was the singer women wanted to listen to while men also snuck in for a listen when they realized that Belinda was saying things that they badly wanted to know about. So on October 5, 1987, Belinda Carlisle released her second solo studio album titled Heaven on Earth amid high expectations. Within weeks of the album’s release, it was clear to her listeners, fans, the critics, the record labels, the music industry, and the music media that Belinda Carlisle had delivered an album that would stand the test of time and qualify as one of the best pop albums of the modern music era.

An Explosion of Irresistible Songs & Hit Singles

For a long time, it was impossible to escape from hearing the mega-hit single “Heaven Is a Place on Earth” no matter where one went. An honest, poignant, and joyous song about a woman finding the love of her life and realizing that life would now get better right here right now it filled everyone’s heart with hope that they too could find happiness in their lives. “Heaven Is a Place on Earth” reached no. 1 on the charts of almost every English music listening country including the USA. It went on to become Belinda’s signature song that made everyone groove when it came on. Her second single “I Get Weak” was a sincere admission that her lover makes her go soft in her heart and mind when he looks at her. Rarely had any female singer admitted before that she was unabashedly wanting and willing to surrender to the tug of her heart. “I Get Weak” reached the no. 2 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and was another global smash hit single. Her third single “Circle in the Sand” was a poetic affirmation by the singer that life does get giddy and joyous when one finds someone to share it with knowing that he understands you just the way you want him to do. This too reached the top 10 on the Billboard chart and helped make Heaven on Earth one of the biggest albums on the planet and made it go multi-platinum all over the world.

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A Fiercely Independent & Intelligent Woman

The other songs on the album are simply pop heaven and one woman’s statement that she would love and live the way she wanted to without being intimidated by anyone. The bold “Nobody Owns Me” tells everyone that an attractive woman is not property who can be fought for ownership by men but an independent human being who will make her own decisions in every sphere of her life. In “Should I Let You In?” Belinda asks the question that every intelligent woman asks herself a thousand times before she lets a man get close to her and know her intimately – Is it a wise decision to allow this man to know my deepest and darkest emotions and secrets? Millions of women have made this mistake and continue to do so which is why this song serves as a warning to women to think deeply before they let a man inside their lives. “World Without You” is a sad situation when the woman finds out that nothing makes her happy now that the man she loves is no longer part of her life.

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In “Fool for Love” Belinda admits that she can’t live alone knowing that she is a healthy and robust woman who is meant to give and receive love and affection just like every sensitive person. “We Can Change” is about a woman telling her man that they can both understand each other and do whatever it takes to build and protect their relationship from the perils of the unsympathetic world.

Making Deep Inroads into Male Territories

With Heaven on Earth, Belinda Carlisle proved to the world that she was a dominant force in pop music and nobody sang intelligent and honest songs of the heart better than she did. Her beauty and grace that were captured indelibly in her music videos from the album made her songs the staple of MTV and other music channels for a long time. Her persona cast a powerful spell on both boys and men and it was impossible to not realize how incredibly attractive Belinda Carlisle was in everything she did. Heaven on Earth sold millions of copies and once again proved that women were a powerful commercial force in music and were making the cash registers go crazy with their talent and popularity. Later Belinda Carlisle continued to release amazingly melodious albums in her career such as Runaway Horses, Live Your Life Be Free, and A Woman and a Man which all made money for everyone connected to them. With Heaven on Earth, Belinda Carlisle blasted every obstacle in her way and showed everyone how great pop music was made and how it could add value to everybody who heard it.

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