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Manga comics started making deep inroads into the American market several years ago and now manga is a big commercial industry in the USA. So much so that many Americans are complaining that the indigenous American comics industry has been affected negatively and characters created by writers for the American readers who represent the country are faring very poorly. Despite these objections, the relentless march of the manga comics in America, Asia, and now other parts of the world keeps going forward. Manga is comics and graphic novels that were created in Japan first and the current popular style was developed in Japan in the late 19th century. In Japan people of all ages are big fans and they have an immense range of genres to choose from like action, comedy, adventure, drama, historical, horror, mystery, science fiction, romance, erotica, sports, and business and commerce. Now many manga works are translated into other languages especially English and are being sold in many parts of the world.

A Young Woman Hated by her Sinister Family


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Now other countries have woken up to the commercial potential and cultural influence of manga and are coming out with their versions of manga-influenced works. South Korea is one of these countries that is publishing their version of manga which is called “Manhwa” and these works are doing increasingly well. One work that is becoming very popular is the Korean creation titled Untouchable Lady which is a web novel that was released in 2019. It is originally in the Korean language but its English translation is doing good business in the USA. Untouchable Lady straddles several genres such as drama, fantasy, romance, and one called Josei. It was created by Kin, Yong Dusik, and Minsoong and the artist is a very accomplished professional named Haji. The Untouchable Lady manga is a dark and even violent story about a young female protagonist who is trapped by her abusive family who has no care and affection for her. The protagonist keeps hoping that her family will change and love her but her father and brother are evil and work against their good-natured and beautiful sister.

Stay Away from Spoilers & Enjoy the Unfolding Story

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Untouchable Lady is a fantasy so the female protagonist dies seven times at the hands of her evil family and finally decides to fight back and claim her rights as a human being. She starts taking revenge on her family especially her father and brother who have tortured her all her young life. Untouchable Lady was originally a novel and now it is being released as a comic with new chapters available to the readers at regular intervals. The Untouchable Lady chapter 42 has been released recently and fans who have bought it are poring over it to read the latest developments in the story. Inevitably there are Untouchable Lady spoilers out there to ruin the suspense for readers who want to follow the story in sequence as the new chapters keep getting released. Giving the spoiler details would be unfair to the genuine comic buyers so all we will say is that the bad characters in Untouchable Lady are and will continue to pay for their wrong deeds and for hurting the lead character. Fans just won’t be satisfied and happy unless there is justice in the story and the lead character gets her due revenge.

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So Untouchable Lady continues to win new fans in Korea and now in America. The story appeals to many young girls who identify with the lead female character and often think of an escape from their own family life. Manga comics are escapist and take the readers into alternative realities and alternative fictional worlds where they can lose themselves for a while. It’s a high that is very addictive. Untouchable Lady is also providing this opportunity to its numerous readers and this is one of the main reasons for its increasing success.

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